Thursday, 25 May 2017

Sainsburys 4 Round Foundation Sponges Review

Hi everyone.
I was diagnosed with a latex allergy back in the year of 2014 and ever since I have had to purchase latex free alternatives.

I find it difficult to find and buy make up sponges which are latex free. However recently I have found Sainsburys 4 Round Foundation Sponges which are £1.50 for a pack. They are latex free and great value for money. 

The sponges can be used to blend foundation, concealer and dry powder to give a flawless finish.
Directions of use is to dampen the sponge before use. Either apply foundation to the sponge and then onto the face or foundation onto your face and blend outwards.

First I apply NYX Photo-Loving Primer all over my face. I then soak one sponge in cool water and gently squeeze off any excess. I apply Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation directly to my face and then with the sponge I blend the foundation outwards. 
I'm impressed with the result with using the sponges as my foundation looks smoother.  I would recommend them. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any supermarket cosmetic essentials.

The Sainsburys sponges are a new addition to my make up collection. I made a video below of my entire make up collection at the beginning of May as apart of VEDM

Watch it below :-
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Friday, 19 May 2017

Supplies For My Pet Rabbit

Hi everyone.
In today's VEDM video I decided to share with you the supplies which I have brought for my pet rabbit Magic.

Watch the video below :-
I wanted to write a supply list in my blog of all the brand names and links to help rabbit owners or people who are thinking about purchasing a pet rabbit. I personally love watching videos and reading blogs like this because it has really helped me giving my rabbit what it needs. All animals deserve to have the best life as possible.

Here is a list of the supplies which I have brought for Magic:-

And the most important is a unlimited amount of LOVE.

Bunny Hugs,



Sunday, 14 May 2017

Lush Bloggers Event Nottingham

When I recieved a invitation through my email inbox from Lush PR asking if I would like to attend Nottingham’s bloggers event on the 12th May. I graciously and excitedly accepted as I have always been a big fan of Lush products.

Lush on Clumber Street is on one of the most busiest streets in Nottingham. I completely avoid weekend visits to the store because it’s so busy. My inner introvert hates it when shops are so full of people that you can’t physically move around. I like to be able to shop at my own leisure and with space. 
Nottingham's local bloggers and vloggers were greeted by the friendly and welcoming Lush staff. Sparkling summer fruit pitchers and doughnuts from Doughnotts were on offer as refreshments throughout the evening. Yum :)
It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to fully browse around the Lush store. I enjoyed having one to one consultations with the staff as I could pick their knowledge about products which I’ve always been curious to know more about. 
I learnt about Lush's lifelong aim to create products without preservatives because these chemicals have potential to harm us and also our planet. Lush’s three products which were reformulated to be self-preserving which are Dream Cream hand and body lotion, Ocean Salt face and body cleanser and Mask Of Magnaminty face and body mask. It can be found in two formulas: preserved and self preserving to suit the customers needs.
I also learnt about the Lush's spa and the treatments avaliable. I had a complimentary arm and hand massage from the lovely Ellie (LushPrincessUk on Instagram) which was very relaxing. She used the Soft Coeur heart massage bar (which is my favourite as it smells of toffee, chocolate and everything sweet). I didn't realise how tense my hands were until after they had been pampered. After my hand massage Ellie used Silky Underwear which is Lush's version of talcon powder to dry any excess oil. This contains jasmine, cocoa butter and vetivert oil. I think this would be great to use as a natural deodorant or as a dry shampoo. 
At the end of the evening we all recieved goodie bags which were tailored to whether we were a bath or shower person.
Out of the options I chose a Superdad bathbomb (which is a combination of guaiacwood and sandalwood) these are sold exclusively for Father's Day which is on the 18th June. I used it in the bath as soon as I got home because sandalwood is one of my favourite scents. My Dad isn't keen on beauty products as much as I am and he would much prefer a beer for Father's day.
I also recieved The Comforter shower gel (100g) and Ocean Salt self-preserving face and body scrub (120g).
I've never tried any of these products before so I will let you know my thoughts in future blog posts.
I never thought that when I started my blog or YouTube channel back in 2014 that I would be invited to a Lush event. Thank you for inviting me. It was lovely to be recognised for my hard work which I put into BunnyMoonstone. I absolutely love what I do but it takes hardwork, patience and persistence. 

What I loved most of all was seeing my blogger friends and networking with new people too. 
Here is a picture of us on Jay Allsopp's Instagram page.
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You can find Lush Nottingham on

Why not join me over on my YouTube channel as I am doing VEDM (a video everyday in May) this month. Videos are uploaded everyday at 7pm (GMT).

Watch the video below :-

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Focus Gallery Jewellery School Launch

Hi everyone.
On the 2nd May I attended the preview of the Focus Gallery Jewellery School which is opening to the public on Saturday 6th May.
It's a newly refurbished spacious studio which contains all of the equipment and tools you will need for jewellery making.
A small group of us had a taster workshop from 2pm-4pm and in this 2 hour session we made a ring with Alys Power who is a jewerellery maker and a wonderful teacher.
We learnt how to cut, saw, solder, file, hammer and polish our rings. I especially enjoyed the tea and baked goodies supplied by Tough Mary's to get us through the afternoon (the blondie brownies were amazing. I'll be coming back for more of those). 

Watch the video below.

I'd like to thank the owner of the Focus Gallery Antonia Disney for inviting me.

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Bunny Hugs



Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Thrift Generation T-Shirt Launch And Networking

Hi everyone :)
Photo Credit to Susan Moss
In early April Thrift Generation invited you to the Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch on the 22nd April 2017.

I attended the event over the weekend and I wanted to share with you with what happened. It was a exicting afternoon of networking with some very inspiring and talented women who run their own local businesses. 

Thrift Generation
Madi Wallner the founder of Thrift Generation has worked very hard to make this event possible. The T-shirts come with a beautiful fushsia rosette which say "KNOW THYSELF" which can be used either on the shirt or accessory to spread the message of girl power.
Thank you to Rebecca Muress for taking this photo :)
Available in all sizes and as diverse as the girls and women who will wear them. Thrift generation pride themselves on being an ethical and eco-friendly brand, using sustainable sourcing methods.  Thrift Generation sell on Depop and Etsy. Go treat yourself to a GRLPWR t-shirt.
Congratulations Madi on your wonderful and inspiring T-shirt collection and for hosting a brilliant event. Go get em girl 💪✌
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Photo Credit to Susan Moss
Platypus is an Independent clothing brand specialising in hand-made, unisex streetwear. 
Collections consist of limited edition hand-printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and headwear.

I met Sarah and Maxine back in May 2014 on the Princes Trust Enterpise course to learn about how to create a business. I feel honoured to have been there to witness their business starting from an idea and turning it into a fully working and functional successful business. I am very proud of my friends for what they have achieved so far. Keep going ladies and well done :)
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Oozee Boozee Bakes
I enjoyed many tasty sample bites from Oozee Boozee BakesI tried chocolate and cherry brownies with red wine, strawberry daiquri short breads, bourbon flapjacks. It was my favourite food stand and I kept lurking around to see if anymore samples were going spare. ;)
Fran is a very talented baker and I wish her all the best in the future with her business. You go girl :)
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Sunita Passi is the founder of Tri-Dosha Limited and specialises in ayurvedic training, holistic facials and natural products.
She practises mindful techniques and massage sessions to reduce stress, blood pressure and to boost the immune system, stress hormones and mood elevating brain chemicals to relax the body

You can find Sunita on

Toni Jarvis from Tiger Projects, Debbie Clarke from Debbie Doodah, Sunita Passi from Tridosha , Madi Wallner and Dee Miller (Founder of Minor Oak) came onto the stage to give a speech about  their passion for business and support of networking. It was very inspiring to listen to and I'm determind to push forward with my blog and YouTube channel.

Watch the vlog below :-
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Monday, 17 April 2017

5 Problems With Social Media

Hi everyone.
I'm currently having a break from uploading YouTube videos while I wait for a creative wave of inspiration to hit me. I only like to put out content on my YouTube channel and blog which I feel good about posting.
I've been thinking and reflecting about social media. I wanted to share 5 problems which I currently have with social media.

Let's begin with....

1. Life Isn't What It Appears To Be
People might look like they are having a better life than you on their social media channels. But this is not true.
We are all human and we all have problems which we struggle with. No matter how someone's life looks on social media behind the computer screen it could be a different story. Never judge a book by it's cover. I never want to be dishonest and tell you that my life is perfect. It's not true. I have good and bad days like everyone else.

2. Lack Of Patience
Social media doesn't teach us patience because it shows us instant news and results. The truth is that it takes time to focus on your goals in life and to work towards them.

When I first joined YouTube back in 2014 I was naive in thinking that it was so easy to make this hobby into a part of my career because it looked like it would bring instant results. I was wrong.

I've learnt that you have to have patience and persistence to make your dreams a reality. I work at my goals a bit each day and it's important to appreciate the small steps and milestones. When I look at successful people I see how hard they have worked for that success and it inspires me to keep going and not to give up just yet.

3. Oversharing
It's getting more common to share our life on the internet. But how much is too much? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I think it’s great to share experiences because it creates a connection between people.
I've personally found it really helpful when people make videos talking about life experiences they have been through especially If I'm going through the same thing because I feel comforted and less alone.

Be responsible about who you share with and what you share. The internet as a giant space where people of all sorts roam. If this space was a real place, would you trust everyone with all your secrets and personal information? I wouldn't. 

Don't feel pressured to say what everyone else is sharing. It's important that you are aware of what you put out there. Do what feels right for you. That's what i do :)

4. Social Isolation
Social media sites help us to feel connected worldwide. But actually, it makes me feel very disconnected sometimes. Take a look around you when you are in a public place. Most likely, the majority of people you see are bent forwards towards the glow of their phones. I think it's important to learn how to deal with free time without staring at a screen. With less screen time, you will have more opportunity to learn how to relax, enjoy leisure time and communicate with people.

When I have been stuck to a phone, tablet or computer screen for too long. I've experienced feelings of loneliness when i've turned a device off. It's important to have breaks and to phone a friend or hang out with someone.

I joined a social group in January to make new friends. Social groups are great as noone hardly has their phone out and everyone wants to chat and get to know eachother. It's very refreshing and I plan to to go to more meets up this year.

I've also been really enjoying talking to and spending time with the blogging community and attending events. I've been to quite a few this year. Snizl4Notts, Chino Latino, Bloggers Brunch, Nottingham Fashion Week and Intu Victoria Spring/Summer style event.

5. Bullying
Bullying is one of the most serious problems with social media. When someone uses social blogs or virtually any space for hurtful speech or hate it causes a damaging effect. Bullys do not seem to realise that there is a person behind a screen. Anything which you say or put out on the internet has a effect.

What do you think the problems are with social media? Let me know in the comments below.

Bunny Hugs,


Monday, 10 April 2017

Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch

Hi everyone:)
Thrift Generation would like to invite you to their Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch  on the 22nd April 3pm-6pm in Nottingham. This a FREE event and the point of this is to support women and girls too, whether in business or in general. It's a great opportunity to network. I shall be attending the event and filming for my YouTube channel. Please come and say Hello!
More information can be found on the events Facebook page below.
Madi Wallner is the founder of the label Thrift Generation is currently preparing a launch to promote the first line of T-shirts with a Girl Power theme. I am excited as I am a plus size woman who thinks that it's important to celebrate all different shapes and sizes.
Madi's collection is inspired by the world wide famous Playboy bunny icon. She is reclaiming this icon and using it in a different way which is not to judge on image or the body alone.
We are more than just a body and a pretty face. It’s our minds and how we use them and it’s the actions and words we use and what we speak out for
Thrift Generation currently selling here:

Thrift Generation's social media 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Bunny Hugs,