Monday, 26 October 2015

Ilkeston Fair 2015

Hi Bunnies.

Over the weekend i visited Ilkeston Fair which is celebrating its 763rd year of being open.

Ilkeston fair is on a few weeks after Goose fair and personally i prefer this fair because it's smaller in size and it's not as overwhelming. When i am at the fair i enjoy taking pictures, buying candy and giggling at people who are on rides screaming their heads off

Here are a few pictures of the fair which i took :-

I hope that you enjoy my video. Watch it here below :)

Why not let me know in the comments below which fun fair vlog you prefered.

Goose or Ilkeston Fair?

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Eat Natural Granola Goodies And A Flapjack Tutorial

Hi Bunnies.

In my spare time i like to enter competitions and recently i won 2 boxes of Eat Natural "Super Granola" Yippee!

I won a gluten free granola which contains buckwheat, seeds and honey and also a protein packed granola with almonds, seeds and honey.

Have you tried any of the Eat Natural products? Let me know in the comments below :)
I wanted to get creative with the granola rather than just eating it for breakfast, so i decided that i was going to make flapjack. 

Comment down below if you're interested in another blog post about the gluten free granola and i could turn that into flapjack too. Let me know :) 
So my version baking consists of throwing everything in a bowl, stirring it all together, whacking it in the oven and somehow ( don't ask me how ) beautiful delicious treats are made. 

I am not a fan of measuring, just guessing with my eyes.
First of all i threw half a packet of porridge oats into a bowl with some left over sultanas and the WHOLE packet of protein packed granola (go hard or go home... right?)
I added half a packet of butter with left over golden syrup and honey into a separate microwavable bowl. The syrup and honey has to be able to cover the mixture completely because you don't want dry flapjack (that's my version of measurements).

Then i microwaved the butter, golden syrup and honey for about 30 seconds until it's melted all together. 

Warning: you will be tempted to lick the bowl.
Once you have poured this into your bowl with the dry ingredients then the flap jack will have the colour, taste and stickiness that it takes to be flapjack. Delicious!
The consistency is quite crumbly so far so to make the flapjack stick together i added 2 medium sized eggs.
Now that looks so much better!
Now it's time to grab a tray and  spoon your mixture into it.

To make your flapjack mixture look neater in the tray, i use the back of a clean table spoon and press until around the mixture until it's flat.
Yay it's acceptable!

Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes (or until it goes golden brown)

TA-DA! flap jack goodness.
Bunny Hugs,



Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Scunci - Vintage Roll Create A Look Kit

Hi Bunnies!
If you have watched my recent vlog on my second channel then you will know that i have purchased a Scunci "Create the look" Vintage Roll hair kit from Superdrug.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried one of these kits! :)

My hair is getting long and i have been researching into easy and quick ways of making my hair look more interesting rather than just straight or wavy. YouTube tutorials are great but i find that it requires patience and a lot of replays.

This kit contains the equipment to create a vintage roll look and you get a elastic headband with a long piece of foam in the shape of a sausage and bobby pins. The foam has to be placed just under the ball of your head and it will tuck comfortably into place.

I tucked the elastic headband underneath my fringe to hide it.
I combed the hair over the sides of my head to hide the elastic band, but left the hair which has the foam under it as this is for the next step.
I pulled the hair over and twisted it over the foam band. This hair style is so easy as you just hide the foam as best you can with your hair and secure with pins.
The next step is that hair underneath the foam has to be lifted upwards, wrapped over the foam and secured with a pin.
Repeat the process and when you're finished..

I completed this with out a mirror and i don't feel that you need one either as you are just feeling the hair to cover up the foam band.
Bunny Hugs,

Hayley xxxx

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Nottingham Doughnut Co

Hi Bunnies!

I wanted to share with you a recommendation of a new place to eat and drink in Nottingham.

Let me below in the comments if you have been! :)

The Nottingham Doughnut Co has been recommended to me by quite a few friends and i wanted to check it out for myself to see what all the fuss was about. The shop is located on Long Row road next to the Market Square. 

If you like tasty doughnuts then this is the place for you. The company only makes a certain amount of doughnuts per day, so get there early to avoid disappointment and to grab your favourite flavour :)

Here are some pictures which i took : -

What else i love apart from the tasty doughnuts is the friendly staff and also the art on the walls which is created by local artists and businesses. The company logo behind the shop counter is definitely a awesome Instagram photo to take.

Bunny Hugs,



Wednesday, 7 October 2015

My Primary School Memory Book

Hi Bunnies.

Recently i have been up into my loft (or the attic if you're from the US) and i stumbled across my Primary school memory book. It's called "The Record Of Achievement".

Did you have a book like this when you were at primary/elementary school? Let me know in the comments below. 
This book records every year i was at Primary School (ages 5-11) and we had special assignments to do just for this book. I feel that this is a fantastic idea and a great way to look back how how far you've progressed with drawing, hand writing and spelling ability.
My portrait aged 5.
We all had to fill out 3 work sheets every year. I loved the first sheet the best because that was the drawing one and the instructions were "draw a portrait of yourself" "draw your best friend" or "draw your teacher".  The second sheet was the mood sheet "How do you feel about...?" with emotions to colour in next to subjects such as maths, english, art and drama.  The creative subjects always received a big smile from me but unfortunately maths or science didn't (probably because it didn't interest me much at all as i would much rather be colouring in!).
Finally the third sheet was questions such as "when is your bed time?" "what do you want to be when you grow up?". I still find this book entertaining to look back on and to relive my childhood days and this is exactly why i decided to make a YouTube video, because everybody has been to Primary school at some point in their life.

It's amazing when you're a child how much more open minded you are to everything around you. For example when i spoke about my ambitions in my book each year about what job i wanted to do when i was older. I wrote (with out thinking) a pottery maker, teacher, piano player and art teacher because when you're a child your not focused on the journey of obtaining that job or perhaps the work which you have put into to get to that particular ambition goal. The focus is more light hearted and optimistic "Hey this would be cool and fun! let's try this".
I'm left handed and throughout Primary School i will admit that i struggled with the hand writing process. When i was in reception year (age 5) i had this phrase of writing backwards and until this very day i can still do it now (very easily!). But the question is :- can i use this skill in everyday life or to contribute to society in anyway? the answer is probably not. Haha

I'll perhaps talk more about more of my weird hand writing phrases (yes there is more than 1!) in the next video that i make which looks more into my Primary School book.

But only if you enjoy the first video - so get those thumbs well and truly up.

Bunny Hugs,



Saturday, 3 October 2015

Victoria Centre. Nottingham - Autumn/Winter 2015 Fashion Catwalk Show

Hi Bunnies.

So i recently signed up to a fashion event which i found out through Intu Victoria Centre's Facebook  page and because i registered to attend i received a free shopping bag.  Yay!
I visited Victoria centre on the 2nd October (Friday) and fashion brands which are located in the shopping centre such as Next, House Of Fraser and John Lewis . They all showed off their beautiful Autumn/Winter collections for 2015.

The catwalk shows ran every 20 mins from 11am. 
The catwalk had the phrase "turn over a new leaf" running down both sides of it. I think that this symbolises the transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter fashion. On top of the runway was 6 beautiful mirrors (on wheels) which i thought looked cool and stylish.
As soon as the music started to play and models emerged on the catwalk. The mirrors weren't just for decoration but they were apart of the routine for the models to move around and to strut their stuff. Very clever! :)
I think it's amazing how many free events are on at shopping centres, if you sign up to their news letter or social media pages.

Let me know in the comments below if you've been to any.

Bunny Hugs,



Friday, 2 October 2015

My First Nandos And Goose Fair

Hi Bunnies.

Between the 30th September - 4th October Goose fair comes to Nottingham every year at the Forest Recreation ground.
When i see advertisements around Nottingham city centre for Goose Fair, personally for me this is what indicates the start of Autumn.

Do you have any events in your local area which indicate a certain season for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Me and my friend Sarah decided to to meet in Nottingham city centre and to go for some food first before we went to the fair. 

I have noticed that in a lot of videos on YouTube which i watch. Vloggers talk about their love for Nandos and i've always wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

When i first walked into Nandos i really appreciated the various brightly coloured art on the walls and also the salsa music which was playing in the background. I did do a little wiggle as i was eating my dinner and i feel that the rest of the restaurant appreciated that even if they didn't realise what i was doing.

I ordered a plain grilled chicken burger (yes i'm tame) with peri peri salted chips (yum!) and i can completely understand why people get addicted to "having a cheeky Nandos".  

After food we headed to Goose Fair and when you walk onto the Forest recreation ground, it's always  a great atmosphere with lots of people and the delicious smells from the burger and sweet stalls.

I'm not the sort of person who is keen on rides and adrenaline but i do get my own buzz of watching other people screaming their heads off whilst being tipped upside down or swung in the air.
"No thanks!"
My version of fun is taking photographs and having a go on the 2p and grabber machines. 

Let me know in the comments below what you enjoy doing at the fair. Are you a adrenaline junky or do you like your feet firmly on the ground? 

It's now time for me to sign off this blog and to eat my small pieces of almond nougat from the fair. 


Bunny Hugs,



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