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Thursday, 7 July 2016

NYX Cosmetics Has Arrived In Nottingham.

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NYX Cosmetics Has Arrived In Nottingham.
Hi Bunnies!

I'm thrilled to announce that NYX Cosmetics has arrived in Boots at Victoria Centre in Nottingham.
I first discovered NYX Cosmetics when i switched to cruelty free beauty a few months ago and i was looking for cruelty free alternatives to the make up which i used to own. 

The first product from NYX which i brought was the soft lip matte cream in shade Sydney which Zoella recommended in one of her YouTube vlog videos. We have a similar skin tone and i thought that the colour looked gorgeous on her. Since then i have brought another 2 soft lip matte creams in different shades which i'm obsessed with (read the blog post by clicking here). 

The Nottingham stand is bigger than i expected (3 stands in total) and full to the brim of every cosmetic which you can think of. 
All of the staff were very friendly and approachable and everything looked beautifully presented.I would love to try more of NYX products and because of this stand then i will be able to do that.


I also think that this is a huge step in the right direction for cruelty free beauty too.


If you would like to see what i brought from NYX then stay tuned for a vlog which will be uploaded on my second channel within the next few days. 

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Bunny Hugs



Monday, 4 July 2016

Growing Up In The 90's

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Growing Up In The 90's
Hi Bunnies!
I went up in the loft yesterday and i found all of my old toys which i have kept since i was a child. I thought that it would be a interesting to make a video about them as childhood was a happy time in my life. My toys have brought back a lot of happy memories and that's why i wanted to share them with you in this video. 
Watch it here below :)

I feel lucky to have been raised in the 1990's because i think that it was a great time to grow up.
I've seen the amazing expansion in technology. From VHS tapes to DVDS, music cassettes to CD's, no internet to internet. 
I used to love using my imagination when i was a child. I made up so many characters and stories in my mind with the toys that i had.

Toys which i remember playing with were :-
  • Lego
  • Lucy Locket
  • Barbie
  • Trolls
  • Baby All Gone
  • Spice girl dolls
  • Beanie babies
  • Polly Pocket (the starlight castle was my favourite)
  • Shaun the sheep backpack (From the Wallace and Gromit film "A Close Shave" in 1995. I've still kept mine after all this time and even though i'm 28 years old, i would still wear it!)     
But my favourite toy of all time is my Furby. "Furby loves you!" "Big sound!" "Woahhhh"
If you would like to see my Furby working and in action then please watch my vlogmas video.

Why not comment below with what toys you used to play with when you were young or if you were born or raised in the 90s what you remember.
Bunny Hugs,