Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorants Review

When I attended the Green Festival at Nottingham's Arboretum park in September. I mentioned in the vlog that I have become more conscious over the past year about what beauty products I use. I switched to cruelty-free beauty in April last year and it's been a slow journey of converting over to natural alternatives. The most recent swap is deodorant as I have been researching and learning about the effects that aluminum and chemicals has on the body when regular deodorant is used. 
I have been using Salt Of The Earth  Crystal Travel Size Deodorant over the past couple of weeks and I am impressed with the product and how excellent it works. I will never be going back to regular deodorant with the information that I know about it now and how effective Salt Of The Earth deodorants are.
Since I wrote the short review on my blog Salt Of The Earth saw it and contacted me via Twitter. They asked if I would like to try 2 of their deodorants from their new collection in exchange for my opinion.
I jumped at the opportunity because I love what Salt Of The Earth stands for by all their products are made in the UK, they do not test on animals, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the ingredients are natural.
The new collection is a natural deodorant in a spray bottle which is avaliable in various scents. Click here to view the range on their website. I love how they have a great selection of fragrances to choose from.
I got sent the Salt Of The Earth Rock Chick "Sweet Strawberry" and "Pura Aura" scented with melon and cucumber. Both fragrances smell lovely and not too heavy. The Sweet Strawberry is my favourite out of the two because sweet scents are more to my personal taste. I think the melon and cucumber smells more of a refreshing scent which is ideal for hot summer days.
For £5.99 in each deodorant you get 100ml of product which is a fair price for the amount that you get. I think that every time you spend your money, you are casting a vote towards what kind of world you want.
This is why I would rather pay more for a natural deodorant because I know that it's better for my body,  it's contributing to a good company who promote natural ingredients, looking after your health and against animal testing.
The packaging is colourful, clear and full of information about the product. I love the points on the back of the product stating what it does and the ingredients that it contains.
For each arm pit, I only need 3 sprays which I found gave me full coverage and long lasting protection all day. These deodorants do not leave any residue or marks on the clothes.
I would highly recommend these deodorants and if you are thinking of switching to natural deodorant then why not give these a try.

I'd like to thank Salt Of The Earth for sending me their products to try and liking my content :)

Bunny Hugs,

Monday, 16 October 2017

Roxy Ballroom Opens In Nottingham

I was invited on the 12th October at 6:00 pm to the opening of Roxy Ballroom before it opens to the public on the 13th October. Roxy Ballroom is located above MOJO which opened back in July. I was invited to their launch party. Watch the vlog below.
I can only describe Roxy Ball Room as a colourful UV lit graffiti grotto of Nottingham's famous landmarks mixed with American 50s style dining. If you appreciate street art like I do then I would recommend that you check this venue out and take your camera with you to capture funky snaps of the graffiti.
I was warmly welcomed by the PR team and handed a glass of prosecco with 3 drinks tokens to use at the bar for the evening.
As I looked around I noticed that there are plenty of gaming tables and enough space for players to play.
Everyone who was invited had access to free beer pong, table tennis, and pool all night. Me and Jessica (@AnounceOfGrace) had a little game of ping-pong which was fun. Waitresses came around the venue serving pizza slices, quarters of burgers and garlic dough balls. Yum :)
Roxy ballroom has a good vibe as it's laidback and easy going. I loved the music as it's my taste. Greenday, Fallout boy, Blink182, Offspring and lots more. It's a social activity bar so there is no wi-fi so it encourages you to put your phone away and enjoy time with friends, family or a date.

I didn't like this at first because my phone contract doesn't allow me to use data. I personally like having wi-fi at venues as I can share my experiences live with my followers on my Instagram story or Twitter. I saved every photograph, boomerang and short video and uploaded them when I got home. I was glad of this in the end because it meant that I could socialize more with bloggers and take in the surroundings more.
I sampled 2 cocktails of the evening from the menu which was a Pingstar Martini (which is a passionfruit martini). I really liked the fruity taste and it went down smoothly.  I also tried a Ballzee cocktail which is Roxy's version of a strawberry daiquiri. Delicious!
My favourite part of the evening was the photobooth (just outside the front doors of Roxy Ballroom). Me, Jay (@Jayleeallsopp), Jessica (@Anounceofgrace) and Rhiannon (@catsandcontours) all crammed in with our cocktails and took lots of photos. I like collecting memories and not things.
Watch the vlog below.
Thank you for a great launch night Roxy Ballroom.

Find Roxy Ballroom at
First Floor
10 Thurland Street

Check out their social media

Bunny Hugs,



Friday, 6 October 2017


When the TimeHop app appears at the top of your Facebook news feed. Isn't it crazy when you look back at old Facebook status updates from years ago and realise how much everything has changed?  It's truly fascinating how many people have left my life, entered and stayed.

It's weird how we live day to day and think that nothing changes when actually it constantly does all of the time.
The status which came up on my Facebook newsfeed was back in 2011 and has inspired me to write this blog post about growth.

It made me realise that today I've become everything that I wasn't 6 years ago. I've grown into someone who loves themselves and is not afraid to stand up for their beliefs. I am not afraid to let go of what isn't working in my life. I'm not afraid of trying new things and stepping outside of my comfort zone. When you start something new it doesn't always feel positive at the start until a few weeks or months later.

The difference from then until now is that I now respect myself and listen to my own needs.  When you are an HSP (highly sensitive person) like I am then I think it's important to meditate and spend time with yourself to be in touch with your own feelings and needs. I've found that when I was younger I was easily influenced by people and what they thought of me. As I am getting older I have go of other peoples expectations and it's a liberating feeling.

I remember in the past how uncomfortable it felt for me to say "no" to others or even explaining how I felt when something had upset me because I didn't want my feelings to be a burden to them. It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I write it out now but it's the truth. That's who I was at one point in my life.

When you speak up for yourself,  let go of toxic people, situations and what you can't control in life then you feel free.

Perhaps it was all supposed to happen in my life so I can be this person who I am today. I really love who I am now and that's the biggest difference. I'm aware of what good friendships and relationships are because of self love.

My advice would be love yourself and see how your life changes for the better :)

Bunny Hugs,



Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Botanist Opens In Nottingham

Last night I was invited by TANK PR to attend The Botanist VIP opening evening. The Botanist which was previously the Fire and Ice bar has transformed into a secret botanical garden of delicious food and drink. 
I asked my friend and fellow blogger Gemma (TheGemAgenda) to attend as my plus one. We booked our table for 6:30 pm. I was warmly welcomed by Helen (from TANK PR) and The Botanist staff. I was shown to my table by the friendly waiter who served my table for the duration of the evening  and I was instantly offered a drink and water for my table.I love when restaurants offer water and I think it should be mandatory at all restaurants.
My first impression of The Botanist is that it's a beautiful restaurant with its quirky antiques and trinkets. I couldn't wait to take photographs for my blog and documented the evening on my Instagram story.
I was impressed with the wide range of 45 cocktails (mostly with a plant-based twist), spirit and beer menus. My first cocktail of the evening was a Raspberry Mojito and it was delicious.  I don't know how the staff juggle making lots of cocktails at once. I definitely couldn't keep up with the pressure.
Gemma joined me shortly after I arrived and we dived straight into the food menu and decided what to order. The food menu has lovely home comforts such as scampi and chips, BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers, Deli boards and The Botanist’s famous hanging kebabs.
Jay (@Jayleeallsopp) and Jessica (@Anounceofgrace) joined our table (the more blogger friends the better I say!) and we all chose different starters. I had sweet potato fries which were very tasty (soft on the inside and crispy on the outside). We tucked in and enjoyed listening to the live music. The music was at the right volume as I was able to interact with my friends and hear everything they were saying. I hate not being able to communicate properly in a venue.
After our starters, we moved onto mains. I decided to go for the Chargrilled Chicken Burger with added bacon. All burgers come with fries. This was served in a cute wooden tray and I thought it was a nice idea as for when I eat burgers it can be a messy (but tasty) experience. The burger was nice and filling.
I sampled two more cocktails (which I would highly recommend for you to try). The first was the "The Botanist" which is a mixture of rum, vodka and elderflower syrup. 
The second was the Apple and Peach plant cocktail. A cocktail served with dry ice and when it fogs over your table, it's mesmerising to watch and makes a lovely Instagram boomerang. 
Then for pudding, I had the baked chocolate chip cookie dough with vanilla icecream. It came in a little cast iron pan. It was very sweet, gooey and delicious. I have a sweet tooth but even I couldn't finish it all.
What I would say overall is that the interior and exterior at The Botanist is beautiful. The longer that you stay then the more quirks that you notice. I had a lovely meal and cocktails. The staff was hardworking and friendly. The Botanist is a quirky and different dining experience which makes it well worth another visit. I'd love to return again soon.
Thank you for inviting me @TankPR and @TheBotanistUK. I had a enjoyable evening.

Follow The Botanist on Twitter and Instagram. Check out their website at http://thebotanist.uk.com

If you would like to experience this for yourself and continue the journey. The Botanist opens to the public on the 9th October.

The Botanist West Bridgford venue is at
40 Bridgford Rd
West Bridgford

A botanical world awaits!

Bunny Hugs,



Friday, 29 September 2017

It's In Nottingham Secret Dinner Club

I received an exciting email in my inbox from It's In Nottingham a few weeks ago inviting me to attend their first Secret Dinner Club. I jumped at the chance as I love mystery (it makes life interesting, don't you agree?).
I wasn't provided any information to which venues I would attend on the evening of September 28th for dinner and drinks. The only information I was given was to meet at 6:30 pm next to the lions in the old market square along with fellow local bloggers.
When we arrived It's In Nottingham where waiting for us with a photo frame to take pictures for their Instagram and for our social media pages.
At 6:40pm we headed off to the first venue which was the Boilermaker.
I've never been to the Boilermaker before, however, I'm following them on Instagram and I've seen photographs of their innovative, unique and playful cocktails. I loved experiencing it in person. Every cocktail has it's own hashtag which is perfect for the social media world that we live in today.
The Boilermaker reminds me of the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" as it's hidden behind a boiler showroom and then you walk through the doors into a funky and contemporary bar. I like how the Boilermaker is different from other regular bars as it's table service. We all sat back and relaxed while we waited for our first cocktail of the evening.
We were served a Left Lion cocktail with a cute little origami lion on the side of the glass. This was a mixture of G&T, syrup from DoughNotts, Coffee and tonka been liqueur.
At 7:30pm we went to the second venue for dinner which was The Curious Tavern.
The Curious Tavern is very dark and atmospheric. It's beautifully decorated and I love the little quirks in this hidden gem.
I sat on a table with Monet (@monetbrooks) , Dan (@highstreetgent) and Sophie (@SophiesNotebook). We were served "selfie" cocktails which was a mixture of rhubarb and gin with added star sunglasses on the side. I'm not a fan of gin however the fruity rhubarb masked the taste. I like fruity cocktails the best.
I was served a meat pie with smooth mash potatos and peas. It was delicious comforting autumn food which warms your belly. Yummy :)
 At 8:45pm we headed to the third and last venue of the evening which was the Homemade Cafe.
The Homemade Cafe has a delicious window display of homemade cakes and savoury treats which invites you in. 
We were served a selection of 3 sweet treats which were a lemon drizzle cake, oreo cheesecake and a after eight brownie with a fruity strawberry lemonade to wash it down with. My favourite was the oreo cheesecake. I love how cosy and intimate the Homemade cafe feels which will make me return again for a visit.
So there you have it. I visited 3 venues which I have never been to before and I would 100% love to visit them again. 

If you would like to experience this for yourself. Head over to It's In Nottinghams Food and Drink Finder which helps you decide which city centre venue to go for breakfast, dinner, coffee and more.

Thank you to It's In Nottingham for inviting me to this event and for my goodie bag.
Check out their social media pages.
and also a big thanks to the venues for having me.
Venue One: Boilermaker
Venue Two: The Curious Tavern
Venue Three: Homemade Cafe

I captured the whole evening on my Instagram story. Follow to join me at future events.

Watch the vlog below

Bunny Hugs,



Monday, 25 September 2017

3 Goals Which I Would Like To Achieve At 30

Last night it suddenly dawned on me that at the end of January in a few months time I shall be turning 30 years old.
This may seem like a celebratory birthday milestone but in my mind what hangs over my head is a feeling of dread.

Why do I feel this way? well, when I was 18 years I had a vision that by the age of 30 that I would have my dream job and be in the right relationship with the right man. Life hasn't turned out how I expected it to and this gives me a feeling that I've not measured up.

Can all of my desires and goals still happen? of course, they can. I'm trying not to feel discouraged because I'm not where I want to be. Timing is everything. My time will come.

Despite how crap I feel sometimes I can see the positives to where I am in life. I have the opportunity to be able to drive my life in whatever direction that I want it to.

So how do I deal with approaching 30? well, I have an attitude of gratitude and think about everything which I have achieved so far in my nearly 30 years of being on this earth. I can see the growth within myself and take all of the experience to learn from. I let go of the old expectations of where I should of been and create new goals of where I want to be.

I'd like to share with you 3 goals which I would like to achieve by the age of 30

3 Goals I Would Like To Achieve At 30

1. Learning How To Drive
I would love to pass my driving test. I've had lessons on and off over the years but it would be amazing to pass my test to be able to get into my own car and drive. I have researched what car I would like and how much MOT and insurance is going to cost. It's all prepared in my mind but it's just at that stage where I'd like to put it back into action and get back into the driver's seat. I can stop borrowing my friends car for selfies after I have passed my test. haha :)
2. Attending More Social Events
I'm getting to a point where I'm no longer Hayley the social butterfly who enjoys passionfruit margaritas, putting her false lashes on and dancing the night away. I've turned into Hayley the hermit crab who doesn't go out and prefers to wears no makeup and cozy pajamas at home. Quiet nights infront of the TV are more appealing to me right now and that's OK (I'm absolutely loving Great British Bake Off).
However my lack of social interaction can be a cause of concern sometimes. If anyone else is like this then please leave me a comment below :)

I'd like to attend more social events even if I have to physically force myself out of the house. I'd like to be Hayley the social butterfly once again because I do like socialising when I get out. I love attending blogger events and hopefully, in the future, I will be asked to many more.

Watch my most recent vlog of what I have been up too below.
3. Indulge
I'd like to indulge and treat myself more often. I'd like to eat out at restaurants or stop by a cute little coffee shop which I always walk past but never go into. Life is meant to be enjoyed and a bit of indulgence in a treat does you good. Who knows who I might bump into. Life can change in an instant :)

Bunny Hugs,



Thursday, 21 September 2017

5 Reasons Why I Love Spirituality

Hi everyone
Today's blog post is a rather personal topic. I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why I love spirituality.
I've mentioned on my YouTube channel that I'm an empath, an HSP, and an outgoing introvert but that's just the tip of the iceberg.
I haven't spoken about my spiritual side much on BunnyMoonstone because I wasn't ready to open up and talk about it. But now I feel like I'm ready to share :).
1. Identity
My spirituality is a strong part of my identity. The more that I accept my identity then the more I love myself.
My spiritual path has helped me an enormous amount of self-love which then has resulted in a massive boost of confidence and assertiveness. In the past, I was a giver with no limits. I gave all of my energy and time away without thinking about myself. This would lead to exhaustion and anxiety.

I've learned that I can be the sensitive, big-hearted soul that I always have been but I don't have to be a pushover. I can do whats right for me without feeling guilty because I am my own best friend. I've set healthy boundaries so I don't give all my energy away freely. If you respect yourself then so will others around you.
Doreen virtue's book "assertiveness for earth angels" book helped me and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with assertiveness or feeling as though you give too much to others.

2. Growth
I find it truly fascinating to reflect how much I've grown as a person in knowledge, physically and emotionally over the years. Spirituality teaches me that growth is essential to become a better person. Each day I try and be a better person than I was yesterday. I've made mistakes and I continue to make them because it's apart of the human experience.

Spiritual growth has helped me to become more conscious about what I put in my body to consume and also for beauty purposes. I switched slowly to cruelty-free beauty last year in April and it took me a year to slowly change over my makeup whilst learning about companies who do and do not test on animals.
Click here to read the blog post when I stared my journey or watch the video below about my cruelty free make up collecton.
Recently I purchased a Salt Of The Earth Travel Size Unscented Deodorant because I was watching videos about harmful chemicals in standard deodorants. This is why I decided to switch to a natural one.
As you are reading this blog, i'm looking into transitioning from cheap sanitary towels for natural chemical free versions as I'd like to go more natural with my menstrual cycle. Reviews of what I decide to purchase will be coming soon.
I do the best that I can with what funds I have. I make little changes which all add up to make a big impact. I live by my own rules because it makes me feel better and happier.

3. Gratitude
Today is 21st September which means it's World Gratitude Day. What are you grateful for? leave me a comment below :)
To have an attitude of gratitude has changed my life for the better. I've learned about gratitude and about how important it is.
Taking a moment each day to stop about how you have a roof over your head, food and water in your belly and everything you have. Stopping to thank people who make a difference in our lives. It's not happy people who are thankful but it's happy people who are. I'm glad that my spiritual path has shown me gratitude because I think that it keeps me focused on the positives in life.

4. Relaxation
Meditation helps me to relax and to sleep better.

5. Everything Happens For A Reason
Spirituality has shown me that everything happens for a reason which is the good, the bad and the ugly.

Let me know in the comments below what you love about spirituality and how it's helped you.

Bunny Hugs,



Monday, 4 September 2017

Salt Of The Earth Crystal Travel Deodorant Review

Hi everyone
I decided to try Holland And Barrett's Salt Of The Earth Crystal Travel Deodorant Unscented Stick. This is 50g of product for £3.50. It's a perfect size to pop in my handbag and I wanted to see if I liked it before I purchased a full size product (90g for £4.99).

I really like it. It's a long lasting deodorant which causes no white marks on clothes. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans, unisex and not tested on animals.

This deodorant is potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt.

The directions of use is you apply it to damp skin after washing or you can wet the stick and apply it to dry skin. If you allow this product to air dry then it will last longer. It's very easy to use and applies smoothly.
I really like it as it contains no aluminum chloral hydrate, no alcohol, and no parabens. The deodorant is potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt. It's kind to the skin.

My underarms are very sensitive and I can't use any fragranced products in that area as it cuases irritatation.

After I shower I apply The Salt Of The Earth deodorant stick under my arms. This product lasts the entire day. I don't smell of body odor at the end of the day. Recommended :)

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any natural deodorants before.

Bunny Hugs,



Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Body Shop Bloggers Event. Nottingham

Hi everyone

On Tuesday 29th August at 6:15 pm The Body Shop (Bridlesmith Gate store) held their first bloggers evening.

I really love The Body Shop because of the ethically sourced ingredients and they use their influence in the beauty industry to change the world for the better. An example of this is at the moment they are campaigning to ban animal testing all over the world. I love when beauty brands use their power to change the world for the better. I've signed the petition online. You can too by signing the petition here.
I switched to cruelty-free beauty in April 2016 and it's been the best decision I've ever made. Click here to read my blog post about why I decided to make this change. I enjoy being conscious about what I buy because money is an influence. I think that what I am putting my money towards is funding the cruelty-free beauty brands who can grow and continue to do more good work.
We were welcomed by the Body Shop staff with a fizzy summer fruits drink. The cups which they were served in had different coloured stars underneath. If you had a coloured star then you won a prize and unfortunately, I didn't win. Better luck next time :)
We got 40% off for this night only. I treated myself to 2 products which were the Mango travel size shower gel £2.00 and a eyeshadow in the shade 205 SIENNA DUST £5.
It's a beautiful nude beige shimmery shade. Perfect for the autumn season which is approaching us.
With my purchases I got given samples to try. 
- Oils Of Life Night Cream
- Oils Of Life Facial Oil
- Japanese Matcha Green Tea Facemask
- Amazonian Acai Facemask
- Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask
I'm excited to try the Japanese Matcha Tea facemask as I've seen it plastered around social media. I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts on all of the samples either on my blog or Instagram story.

Watch the vlog below :-
You can find The Body Shop on

Nottingham Bridlesmith Gate
18 Albert Street

Bunny Hugs,



Wednesday, 23 August 2017

JustCoco Coconut Oil Review

Hi everyone
In today's blog post I am reviewing a product which is the just coco coconut oil for hair & scalp, face & body 125ml which is retailed at £1. I brought it from Home Bargains.

I'm thrilled to share with you this cruelty-free budget friendly coconut oil as I have been using it for the past month and I'm impressed with the results.

I like it because it's affordable and can be used to moisturise the body and hair. The coconut oil is solid at room temperature but it will melt when you first touch it and rub it in between your hands. To apply to the skin massage it in until it's absorbed. 
At 125ml in size it's travel-friendly and ideal to put in your handbag on the go. The subtle smell of coconut is lovely.

For hair you can use it as a conditioner by massaging a small amount by rubbing your hands together and applying to wet hair ends avoiding the roots.

You can also use it as a scalp and hair mask by massaging your scalp and hair in the product for at least 5 minutes. It's best to leave it for 2 hours or overnight (depending on how dry your hair is)  Then wash it out with your normal shampoo. My hair is very long and the ends get dry. The picture below is after I had used the product. My hair is soft and shiny again.
Justcoco products are not tested on animals and suitable for vegans. I love finding cruelty free beauty products which are budget friendly. 
Justcoco does a range of shampoo, conditioner, oil and body sprays. Check here to be directed to their website.

If you try this product then let me know in the comments below :)

Bunny Hugs,



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