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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Thrift Generation T-Shirt Launch And Networking

Hi everyone :)
Photo Credit to Susan Moss
In early April Thrift Generation invited you to the Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch on the 22nd April 2017.

I attended the event over the weekend and I wanted to share with you with what happened. It was a exicting afternoon of networking with some very inspiring and talented women who run their own local businesses. 

Thrift Generation
Madi Wallner the founder of Thrift Generation has worked very hard to make this event possible. The T-shirts come with a beautiful fushsia rosette which say "KNOW THYSELF" which can be used either on the shirt or accessory to spread the message of girl power.
Thank you to Rebecca Muress for taking this photo :)
Available in all sizes and as diverse as the girls and women who will wear them. Thrift generation pride themselves on being an ethical and eco-friendly brand, using sustainable sourcing methods.  Thrift Generation sell on Depop and Etsy. Go treat yourself to a GRLPWR t-shirt.
Congratulations Madi on your wonderful and inspiring T-shirt collection and for hosting a brilliant event. Go get em girl 💪✌
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Photo Credit to Susan Moss
Platypus is an Independent clothing brand specialising in hand-made, unisex streetwear. 
Collections consist of limited edition hand-printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and headwear.

I met Sarah and Maxine back in May 2014 on the Princes Trust Enterpise course to learn about how to create a business. I feel honoured to have been there to witness their business starting from an idea and turning it into a fully working and functional successful business. I am very proud of my friends for what they have achieved so far. Keep going ladies and well done :)
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Oozee Boozee Bakes
I enjoyed many tasty sample bites from Oozee Boozee BakesI tried chocolate and cherry brownies with red wine, strawberry daiquri short breads, bourbon flapjacks. It was my favourite food stand and I kept lurking around to see if anymore samples were going spare. ;)
Fran is a very talented baker and I wish her all the best in the future with her business. You go girl :)
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Sunita Passi is the founder of Tri-Dosha Limited and specialises in ayurvedic training, holistic facials and natural products.
She practises mindful techniques and massage sessions to reduce stress, blood pressure and to boost the immune system, stress hormones and mood elevating brain chemicals to relax the body

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Toni Jarvis from Tiger Projects, Debbie Clarke from Debbie Doodah, Sunita Passi from Tridosha , Madi Wallner and Dee Miller (Founder of Minor Oak) came onto the stage to give a speech about  their passion for business and support of networking. It was very inspiring to listen to and I'm determind to push forward with my blog and YouTube channel.

Watch the vlog below :-
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  1. Wow! This is great! I am so happy to see women stand in their own power!